About Teresa

The “How-To” Teacher

Teresa Houghteling is a gifted teacher and author with the unique ability to break down complicated spiritual truths into easily understood bites, applying them practically in real-life scenarios.  She is known as the “How-To” teacher because her teachings come from personal experiences. Teresa specializes in illustrating her step-by-step approaches to problems, and leaves no stone unturned in detailing how she applies Spiritual solutions naturally, and goes the distance to achieve lasting results.  Her teaching is like having a face-to-face conversation with her, and getting real answers to some of your most challenging questions.

Teresa now lives and writes out of her home in the United States after spending several years on the mission field in the Middle East. Her personal time is devoted to spending time with her husband Patrick, leading women’s groups and doing one-on-one mentoring and discipling.

Recommended Books

Dangerous Wonder- Michael Yaconelli

This book affected me on such a deep level that it changed the way I sought after God  in 2008.  It lit a fire in me that I thought had been burning brightly, but up until that time, was really just a mere ember.  This book set my soul ablaze!

Your Healing Door- Greg Mohr

This is the book that God used to confirm my “suddenly” moment being healed in 2015 from the sickness and disease that had been slowly killing me for years.  In his book, Greg shares the practical wisdom keys he discovered that delivered him from cancer and his son from a life-threatening condition. One of the 12 keys he provides may just be the one that unlocks healing for you!

Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds- Carmine Gallo

A must-read for anyone who feels their calling will bring them in front of an audience, big or small.  Gallo lays it out, plain and simple, how to give an engaging and memorable presentation.


When you look at the Word as His promise,

that changes everything.

– Teresa Houghteling

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