About Us

The purpose of Fully Known Ministries is equipping believers to live tangibly in God’s Truth: who you are in Christ, what’s available to you because of Christ, and how to get what’s available working for you.

Our Ministry

Teresa Houghteling

Teresa is a gifted teacher and author with the unique ability to break down complicated spiritual truths into easily understood bites, applying them practically in real-life scenarios. She is known as the “How-To” teacher because her teachings come from personal experience of putting the Word into practice.


Start your day right and “Set Your Sights” on the true target … God’s Word.  Be encouraged with a daily devotional that will get you focused on Him so you can face the day head-on with confidence.  In each email you will receive a scripture, a short commentary, and a practical way to apply that scripture to your everyday life. We call that the Hit Your Mark section!


When you sow a seed into Fully Known Ministries, it is sown in good ground and produces an abundance of fruit.  Be confident that any life touched, any body healed, and any soul saved through the teaching of this ministry will be as a direct result of the seed that you sow today. 

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