The Stuff

What’s all this Stuff?  It’s a compilation of books, music, ministries, businesses — and maybe some seemingly random things — that have shaped my walk with Jesus and helped Fully Known Ministries morph from a fleeting thought in my mind, to a desire in my heart, to what you see today.  


This Stuff has changed me, inspired me, corrected me, guided me, and helped me succeed when I surely would have failed otherwise.  I am thankful to God for bringing the stuff to me…and now I recommend the stuff to you.

Books and Resources

Dangerous Wonder- Michael Yaconelli

This book affected me on such a deep level that it changed the way I sought after God  in 2008.  It lit a fire in me that I thought had been burning brightly, but up until that time, was really just a mere ember.  This book set my soul ablaze!

Your Healing Door- Greg Mohr

This is the book that God used to confirm my “suddenly” moment being healed in 2015 from the sickness and disease that had been slowly killing me for years.  In his book, Greg shares the practical wisdom keys he discovered that delivered him from cancer and his son from a life-threatening condition. One of the 12 keys he provides may just be the one that unlocks healing for you!

Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds- Carmine Gallo

A must-read for anyone who feels their calling will bring them in front of an audience, big or small.  Gallo lays it out, plain and simple, how to give an engaging and memorable presentation.

Living Commentary– Andrew Wommack

This digital commentary has been an invaluable resource for my personal study and covers over 23,000 verses of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.  Andrew has a way of taking a verse that seems so confusing and making it as plain as the nose on your face.  Sometimes we just need someone to say, “This is what this is saying!”  Andrew’s commentary does exactly that.

 FYI-This resource is only available for PC users, but it is available for online use only for mac users.

Knowing and Experiencing God- Arthur Meintjes

“Perfect Performance = Faith Success” — This is one of the biggest lies Christians battle against in their everyday walk, and this book will unravel that lie in your life.  When you look to your recent performance to determine your success, it shows that your perception is that God is also looking at your performance to determine your success.  But He’s Not.  He’s looking at Jesus’ performance, which is perfect.  God sees you through Jesus-colored glasses.   #totalwin

Worley Global Enterprises

All credit for almost everything, from my book to the clothing I wear (I’m not kidding), goes to Dee Worley of WGE.  God brought us together in 2015 and we have been going and growing together ever since.  As my literary consultant, she brought my book from good to great and led me through every step of the process, from conception to publishing.  As my publicist, with over 20 years’ experience, she walked me through the muddy waters of marketing and PR. If you have a vision, she can make it a reality.

Sun and Moon Media

A publishing company told me I needed a social media presence before any company would even consider publishing my book.  I needed a what?  Seriously, I was a social media illiterate.  I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  The team at Sun and Moon took my ideas and ran with them, working with me every step of the way to make sure that my vision became a reality as they built my social media presence from the ground up.

Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, Colorado

I graduated from the third-year Missions School in 2016.  It was because of what I learned at Charis that I was able to receive my complete healing in 2015.  But more importantly than that (yes, there is something more important!), Charis taught me how to learn and how to keep on learning.  Charis was the catalyst for my life as I know it, and I will be forever grateful to them for that.  If you feel stuck and don’t know what to do, take a bold step toward God — check out Charis Bible College!  

Charis Bible College YouTube Channel

A great source of videos, live-stream and pre-recorded, from ministers with a heart to help you grow in your walk with God.

Charis Bible College Video Archives

Years of archived teachings from Healing School, Healing is Here, Campus Days, Men’s Advance, Women Arise, you name it!  You can even view my first-ever Healing School teaching.  If you live in a dry and weary land where there are no like-minded believers, this is a great place to get fed.  When we were living in the Middle East, these archives were a staple food for us!

Tim Hawkins

You know what?  Sometimes life is pretty heavy.  Sometimes there’s lots of important decisions that all need to be made right now.  And sometimes you’ve just got to laugh or you’ll cry.  When I’m taking myself or my situation too seriously, I take a minute to watch this guy.  His standup comedy is bar none some of the best Christian comedy out there.  He is my go-to when I need a good belly laugh!

Hillsong- There Is More

My go-to group for worship/prayer time!

Bethel- Victory

Annointed worship.

Jesus Culture- Consumed

One of my long-time favorites!

Jordan Feliz- The River

Love the rhythm!

Lauren Daigle- How Can It Be

Just love her tone!

For King and Country- Burn the Ships

“Joy” is a favorite!

Jasmine Murray- Fearless

Who doesn’t like a little dancing? 

Carrie Underwood- Champion

The song  “Champion,”  talk about a motivator!

Hanz Zimmer- Interstellar

 The only thing I listen to when I’m writing!

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